Friday, October 26, 2007

An Interview with Mike Green
Nominee for a second term as MBC President
Mike is the Director of Missions for the Twin Rivers Baptist Association

1. Why do you feel led to allow your name to be place in nomination for an MBC office?
First, let me say that I never sought the office. Others have sought me out, and asked me to serve, initially as 1st Vice President, and then as President. I’ve agreed to run for the constitutionally-allowed second term because there are big changes coming in Missouri Baptist life, and I believe that we need some continuity in the midst of that change.

2. Please tell me about your conversion experience and a little about your spiritual journey.
I became a believer when I was nine years old. I was saved at the Bates Creek Church Camp in Jefferson Baptist Association, and made my commitment to Christ public at the 1st Baptist Church of Desoto, MO. I was baptized into the church by Rev. Milton Elmore who was one of my heroes when I was growing up.

3. What is your vision for the future of the Missouri Baptist Convention?
My primary vision for the Missouri Baptist Convention is simple – that we fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission. Secondly, that we move forward and stay on course with the conservative resurgence.

4. Please tell me a little about your family.
I am married to Cathy. We met in school through the local BSU. Cathy is a High School music teacher and also teaches private voice and piano lessons. Our son Matthew is the “brains” of the family. He is getting ready to attend Washington University and will major in medicine. Elise, our daughter, has a degree in Entertainment Management and works for Silver Dollar City.

5. What do you believe are the major issues confronting the Missouri Baptist Convention?
One of our top priorities right now is finding God’s man and a god-led man to be our next Execute Director. Another priority needs to be planting biblically solid church plants, that believe in orthodoxy as well as othro-practice. I fully agree with our interim Executive Director, Dr. David Tolliver, that we need a major emphasis on growing healthy churches. A healthy church will be a church that fulfills the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

6. What do you believe are the major issues confronting the local Baptist Church?
Perhaps the most important issue facing our local churches, is staying faithful to Scripture in a post-modern world. Developing strong biblical leadership among both clergy and laity in our local churches is also of utmost importance. It’s one of the reasons I chose the theme that I did for this year’s annual meeting -- Building Kingdom Focused Churches based on Acts 1:8. As a new Director of Missions, I have also discovered that we have a great number of pastors and staff members in our churches who are disillusioned and hurting. They need ministry and encouragement.

7. Do you believe the MBC should continue its legal case against the five former convention agencies who’s trustee boards voted to go self-perpetuating?
In a word – Yes!

8. Save Our Convention argues that a small cadre of Missouri Baptists are controlling the state convention from behind the scenes. How do you respond to that?
My friendships and relationships in the MBC cross many lines. I do not like the controversy. No one does. But I also believe that we must continue the conservative resurgence. I can also say, that as MBC president, I was not controlled by any cadre of people.

9. What is your opinion of The Pathway?
I believe that The Pathway is one of the finest state newspapers in the SBC. This is not just my opinion. I’ve heard many others express that view from other states including other editors. As with any newsjournal, there are probably ways to improve the paper.

10. Why should local churches continue to support the Missouri Baptist Convention?
For the same reason that we’ve always supported the work of the convention: It is a solid organization that links us together to support, missions, evangelism and other ministries in the state of Missouri.

11. Is there anything else that you would like to say to Missouri Baptists?
Thank you Missouri Baptists for giving me the priviledge this last year to serve as your president. I thank you for your prayers, your kind letters and emails, and I would ask that you pray for me as I moderate the convention in Tan-Tar-A this year. Also pray for me as a believer and a new director of missions, that I would always honor my lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in all that I do and say.


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